Accessories & Customisation

The electric wheelchair TopChair-S is fully customisable to suit your needs and your disability.


  • Standard seat: Adjustable foam padded seat with fabric straps.
  • Comfort seat: Preformed ergonomic seat with dual density foam. Adjustable body support. Dartex fabric or 3D mesh.
  • Recaro seat: High-back, comfort seat. The headrest is adjustable.

Seat Accessories

  • Body support: 2× maintains the upper body of the user.
  • Headrest: Adjustable headrest height and tilt. Many shapes available.
  • Safety belt: Adjustable ventral belt with a “Press” button.
    As an option, a 3-point belt is available.
  • Clothes-guard: 2× lateral plates under the armrest.


Our “Seats” accessory catalogue

Topchair-S fauteuil electrique

Colors & Lighting kits


  • Standard colour: black with “Ice White” motifs and aluminium rims.
  • Other colours: black with “Spicy Orange” colour motifs and rims.
  • Other colours and motifs are available on request.

LED lighting kit:

  • 4 indicators located on the front and back.
  • 12 LEDs: 2 white front lights and 2 red rear lights.


Our “Colours & Lighting” accessory catalogue


Leg Rests & Armrests

Leg rests

  • Standard leg rest: includes calf support.
  • Electric leg rest: electric option to allow tilt adjustment.


  • Standard armrests: flat foam armrests (firm), adjustable height, width and depth.
  • Gutter armrests: ergonomic and comfortable armrests.


Our “Armrests & Leg Rests” accessory catalogue

TopChair-S wheelchair screen and joytsick

R-net & Joystick Controls

  • Standard R-net control: Thanks to this, the user can easily control the wheelchair and the accessories. Available on the left or on the right. Scalable electronics which adapt to the user’s needs.
  • Dual control: Additional control located at the back of the wheelchair for the accompanying person.
  • Standard joystick knobs: Classic, non-slip rubber knob.
  • Other joystick knobs: Variety of choice, adapted to the needs of the user.


Our “R-net & Joystick Controls” accessory catalogue


Tyres & Tracks

  • Wheel motor: 2× resistant motors, 2×350Watts, IP 44. Splash proof. 4 pole DC.
  • Track motor: 2× resistant motors, 2×400Watts, IP 44. Splash proof. 4 pole DC.
  • Gel batteries: 2× Gel batteries, 12 Volts, 60 Ah.


  • Rear wheels filled with air chambers (2.5BAR), 14″. width: 7.5cm.
  • Front wheels filled with air chambers (4.5BAR), 9″. width: 6cm.
  • Puncture-proof treatment upon request.



  • Ribbed rubber tracks, custom made. Width: 4.7cm. Reinforced with a metal core.


Our “Tyres & Tracks” accessory catalogue

Topchair-S chenilles dans escalier